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As estate buyers who acquire large lots or complete furnishing inventories, we assume the risk of buying items that take longer to sell ? or may never sell at all ? in this market. That means we must reserve the right to mark down prices or donate select items at our discretion. Therefore, we do not purchase on a traditional consignment model but on an instant-purchase model. We pay you in full for all of your furnishings at the time of removal from your premises, not on the condition of (or as a percentage of) the sale of your items. In addition, if several items in the lot do not sell, the cost of labor to move & remove furniture multiple times is not cost effective for either party. Because the risk is too high for us to make a firm offer on items we have not inspected ? and it is virtually impossible to verify quality & condition of items from photos, we have a simple procedure for prospective sellers to follow in order to expedite the process.

After we have received your submission we will review your information and one of our buyers will contact you to set up an appointment for an inspection, at which time they will present you an offer. Please keep in mind that we are not able to intake all submissions and must make selections based on the salability of the items relative to their quality, condition, and price our customers are willing to pay. As our buyers are rarely on-site, we can not process walk-in submissions. It is also important to consider that D?cor Once More must purchase at wholesale prices in order to resell at retail prices.

  1. Please fill out the form below

  2. After submitting the form, attach as many photos of the items as possible t0 the large button below, but especially the major furniture items. (If your lot is smaller than 10 pieces, let us know if you?re able to deliver the items to our store.)

  3. If you are not sending photos of all the items, please include an inventory list of all the items.

by lot not by individual piece
only if you're not uploading photos

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