More Testimonials


I know often people will write letters when they have a "bad" experience with a company, however, I make it a point to always write a positive letter when I have that kind of experience.
My wife and I had visited Decor Once More as we have found their furniture and accessories to be a "cut far above" than the traditional thrift or consignment type stores.  Walking into Decor Once More was like
walking into an elegant furniture store as we were looking to add some quality pieces to our place and thought why buy the same "cookie cutter" furniture at the leading retailers when we could purchase designer furniture and accessories at a fraction of the cost of new.   And let me state this, they do not stock someones old junk this is quality merchandise and presented in a way that makes you feel you are in a luxury furniture store.
As we never know what the future holds the "re-design" was put on hold as it looks like opportunities would take us out of the area.  Now the furniture we had was of great quality and not the same old products you
see in every major retailer and I contacted Mr. Boyd and asked if there was an interest in our furnishings and accessories.
A representative, Lora Devine, came to our home and met with me she was cordial and professional and carefully looked over every piece and gave us a very fair price for our things.  I am an intelligent person and realize that they have to make a profit and all that I could ask for was to be treated fairly and also felt comfortable that our furnishings would be going to a good home for its second owner.
Just a word of caution, if you are thinking of liquidating your household contact Decor Once More, FIRST!  Do not go to the Craigslist route of having strangers march through your home and treat you like you have nothing
of value just trying to get something of good quality for nothing.  Or on eBay when you will get bidders and even though you stated this was for local shipments only you will have people bidding from thousands of miles away
and when they realize that the products are "furniture" the costs would be astronomical to ship and they don't purchase and this becomes a total waste of your time.
The Decor once more crew arrived exactly on time on the date specified, were professional in every way in removing the things from our place and it gave us comfort to see our beautiful belongings so professionally set
when we looked at their website days later.
If you are looking for quality furniture at a fraction of what you would have paid for these items or for the same dollars you would purchase much less quality furnishings at a leading retailer.
I know when we move to a new location, out of State, we will be sure to find a company like Decor Once More who gives a second life to furnishings and accessories that you proudly cherished!
Thanks again to the staff and management at Decor Once More!
Palm Beach Florida